Message from the President

Dr. Paul Lyons

Sometimes solutions to the biggest challenges start in our own backyard. On behalf of the faculty, staff, students and board of trustees it is my pleasure to welcome you to the California University of Science and Medicine. As one of the newest universities in California, California University of Science and Medicine (CUSM) is ideally suited to help shape the future of healthcare, educational opportunity and economic development in the region and beyond. A product of the powerful vision of its founders and a unique public-private partnership, California University of Science and Medicine serves as a foundation for addressing some of our most important challenges: health, wellness, education and economic vitality.

Inland Southern California is rich in natural and human resources. A vibrant and developing region with much opportunity. With strong roots in this region, CUSM serves a three-fold mission: 1) to enhance and expand educational opportunities for the next generation, 2) to serve as a source of economic development within and beyond healthcare and 3) to improve the health and wellness of those who call this region home.

Whether providing new educational opportunities for students from this region or attracting learners from elsewhere who will come to train and stay to serve, CUSM is committed to expanding educational pathways leading to careers that make an impact on our communities. As a source of economic growth and stability, healthcare is widely recognized as a valuable contributor to the economic vitality of any region. Our school is helping to develop the infrastructure and human resources that are the hallmark of economically vital healthcare enterprises.

With a focus on producing a healthcare workforce that identifies and responds to the needs of our region, California University of Science and Medicine (with the CUSM School of Medicine) has positioned itself to contribute to improved health access and outcomes for the Inland Empire, Southern California and beyond. Increasing access to top quality healthcare education; attracting, training and retaining expert healthcare professionals; building clinical and research programs to address the pressing health care needs of our community; California University of Science and Medicine and the CUSM School of Medicine are proud to be a part of and contribute to this vibrant region.

Our faculty represents a broad range of clinical and basic science experience in national and international healthcare education and research. CUSM is ideally positioned to draw on the best of that experience while leveraging advances in technology and educational innovation to ensure that our students are prepared to lead healthcare advances in the future.

Our staff and administration are committed to your success and the success of every member of the CUSM family.

Our students are drawn from around the region and the nation to be the best and the brightest of the next generation of physicians. Caring, committed and focused on making a difference, our students are helping to forge new paths.

Whether you are here just to explore, are preparing to apply for medical school or are considering how you might make a difference in your community through a career in healthcare, we welcome you to look around, learn more about California University of Science and Medicine and feel free to let us know if we can answer any questions. We always happy to share the California University of Science and Medicine story.

Thank you again for visiting.

Dr. Paul Lyons
President and Dean