Open Rank Clinical Faculty Neurology

Title Open Rank Clinical Faculty Neurology
Supervisor Chair of Department of Neurology

Obligations of Faculty of Clinical Neurology:

Information provided below is a general description of responsibilities; it is not intended to provide an all-inclusive list of responsibilities and may change depending on the needs of CUSM.

Position Purpose

Provides consultative inpatient neurology services, including electroencephalography (EEG) for patients in the inpatient neurology service Chino Valley Medical Center (CVMC), Montclair Hospital Medical Center (MHMC), San Dimas Community Hospital (SDCH) or other facilities/hospitals as assigned.

Helps the department chair and CVMC, MHMC, and SDCH administrative leadership to design, develop, execute, and assess strategies to realize programmatic objectives.

Essential Function

Clinical Neurology Faculty Open Rank and Attending Neurologist at CVMC, MHMC, and SDCH

  • Advances the education, research, and clinical missions of the academic medical center in all areas of Clinical Neurology, including EEG in collaboration with the department chair and medical center neurology inpatient and EEG staff, and administrative leadership. Facilitates and supports the training of the next generation of physicians and neurologists who will further advance Neurology. Champions improvements in education of medical students, residents, and fellows in the Department of Neurology.
  • Serves on committees, study sections, and review groups as a journal editor and/or on editorial boards. Commits to service within the community.
  • Evaluates and manages inpatients for the neurology consult service at assigned hospitals.
  • Works with the department chair, faculty and neurology staff to maintain a professional environment and to achieve excellence in neurologic clinical care.
  • Serves as a role model, leads by example, and teaches medical students, residents and/or fellows at the inpatient neurology service.
  • Conducts and fosters clinical research in any area of neurology, including but not limited to investigator-initiated and/or industry-sponsored clinical trials, and/or any other clinical research in conjunction with medical students, residents and fellows.
  • Works collaboratively with the department chair and the hospital(s) Neurology administrative leadership.

Teaching, Curriculum, and Student Engagement

  • Builds strong relationships with others in an environment where the other health sciences schools and the hospital are partners and where the Department of Neurology must collaborate with other departments to ensure mutual achievement.
  • Acts as mentor to students, fosters the success of students, encourage academic excellence, engagement, personal growth, and development of students. Assists students to optimize an educational experience, Assists the student's socialization into a disciplinary culture, provides support to students in managing the rigors of medical school.
  • Commits to and actively participates in undergraduate and graduate Neurology education.
  • Contributes to curriculum development, teaching and research activities in various and specific disciplines.
  • Contributes defined hours for teaching load and student engagement within the department.
  • Maintains office hours for students.
  • When asked, works with the department chair or hospital administration to recruit, hire and retain outstanding, diverse faculty, residents and fellows.
  • Communicates effectively with department chair, faculty, and staff.
  • Applies knowledge of standard concepts, practices, and procedures. Maintains up-to-date knowledge of current policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Demonstrates and promotes interest in continuous professional development as demonstrated in research publications and/or attending and providing training sessions.
  • Performs other related tasks as requested or assigned.

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