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California University of Science and Medicine gratefully accepts gifts that will further fulfill our mission to advance the art and science of medicine through innovative medical education, research, and compassionate healthcare delivery in an inclusive environment that advocates critical thinking, creativity, integrity, and professionalism. We thank you for choosing to support one or more activities for our scholarships, research, education, facilities and endowment.

Thank you for giving to the California University of Science and Medicine. We offer a convenient and secure way for you to support our programs. To donate to our institution, please click on the donate button below one of the ways to give below.

Ways to give

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  • Scholarships Scholarship funds support the education of students at the School of Medicine, many of whom would be unable to finance their studies. Medical student indebtedness is a growing challenge that puts them in debt before they start their careers in healing our local communities.
  • Research Gifts towards research help provide our students and faculty research to provide resources for research studies.
  • Education Help fund our educational resources to provide state of the art education to our students.
  • Facilities University building growth for teaching areas, research labs, and student commons directed to the construction and expansion of our new university.
  • Endowment Funds provide secure annual funds for designated programs—such as scholarships and targeted research efforts.

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