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In order for your application to be processed, you are required to submit an application fee of $50. We will send you a link with payment instructions within 24-48 hours to the email you list on your application. CUSM uses PayPal as a payment service.

MBS Program FAQs

Q1: How are non-traditional students considered for admissions?

A: We are interested in received applications from students with different types of backgrounds. Please use your Resume and Personal statement to tell us how your unique background has prepared you to succeed in the MBS Program.

Q2: What are your admission deadlines to apply?

A: Our admissions cycle opens at the beginning of February and we will typically accept applications through June. Early submission of applications is recommended as we operate a rolling admissions process.

Q3: What is the matriculation rate of students that apply to MD school?

A: Our outcomes to date are presented in the infographic on the front page of our website.

Q4: Is having research experience considered more ‘important’ than having optional test scores to submit?

A: Our admissions review is a holistic process; we will consider all aspects of your application. We value research experience – particularly if this has been for a longer period and you have participated in research presentations (oral or poster) or in publications. A significant research experience helps develop critical thinking skills which will help you succeed in our program as well as in your future career pathway. See below regarding test scores.

Q5: Are the MCAT/GRE test scores required?

A: Test scores are not required. However, if you have taken the MCAT or another standardized test and submit your score then we will take this into account in evaluating your academic ability.

Q6: How does a low GPA affect my application?

A: Our preferred GPA for applicants is 3.0 and above, with a minimum GPA for application of 2.8. The average GPA for our incoming classes to date has been in the range of 3.2 - 3.3 – applicants who fall within this are going to be more competitive in our program. If your GPA is lower, we are looking for stronger grades as you progressed through your undergraduate degree, particularly stronger performance in upper-level biomedical science courses. We base the overall GPA on the undergraduate degree only and do not calculate the post-bac GPA if applicable.

Q7: What makes a strong candidate?

A: A strong application will clearly demonstrate the candidate’s motivation for the MBS Program and their subsequent career pathway. So, the personal statement would specifically address the prompts regarding our program – do not submit a general statement written for another application. Make sure your resume is well organized and each of your qualifications and experiences are clearly described. For extra-curricular activities describe your role and the period of time during which you took part.

In application review then academics are very important – this demonstrates your ability to succeed in our accelerated curriculum – see answer above for further information regarding GPA. If your end goal is a healthcare program, then we are looking to see that you have built experience in this field through shadowing/volunteering and work experiences. Research experience is also noted – see question above for further information. Volunteering and community involvement are also important, again we are looking for sustained commitment to these rather than just brief periods.

If you have experienced personal hardship that has impacted your academic performance, then please describe this clearly and describe how your current situation means you are now ready to succeed in the MBS Program.

Q8: How are applicants notified of their application status?

A: Applicants will be notified of their status by email.

Q9: Is the MBS program on a rolling admissions cycle?

A: Yes, we will begin review and admitting students early in our admissions cycle.

Q10: Do you accept International Students?

A: Sorry, we are not currently able to accept international students at this time.

Q11: What is your GPA requirement?

A: An undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 and above is preferred, with a minimum GPA of 2.8.

Q12: I noticed that a 3.0 grade point average is preferred but I was wondering if you have students that do not meet this standard?

A: A minimum GPA of 2.8 will be considered for review for acceptance into the MBS program.

Q13: Do you have a preference as to whom my letters of recommendation come from?

A: Typically, these would come from an individual who knows your work ethics in an academic, professional, or volunteering/leadership capacity – for example – a faculty member, medical professional, or volunteer coordinator. It is important to request letters from individuals who know you well personally.

Q14: Does CUSM have affiliations with any medical schools or hospitals?

A: CUSM’s main teaching hospital is the Arrowhead Regional Medical Center which is adjacent to our new Medical School Building. Currently hospital experience is limited to the students in our MD Program although we hope to build on this connection further as our program grows. We can provide suggestions of nearby opportunities for MBS students who would like to build their clinical experience however students must make their own arrangements for this.

MBS application Log in Issues:

Q15: Once I start the application, can I log back into my application to complete it?

A: Yes, if you do not complete your application in one sitting, you can log back into your application by following these steps:
To continue and submit your application, please use the link below and enter your PIN# and email to access your application.