Program Learning Outcomes

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Upon completion of the MBS program, students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the core areas of the basic biomedical sciences.
  • Apply fundamental concepts of the biomedical sciences to public health issues, in particular, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.
  • Recognize the contribution of the basic biomedical sciences to advancing public health sciences.
  • Appraise the concepts of proper conduct as well as ethical standards that establish the quality of the outcome of the basic biomedical and healthcare sciences.
  • Develop the skills to remain current in the biomedical sciences and critically evaluate scientific literature.
  • Develop critical thinking skills for applying scientific knowledge in research and problem-solving skills.
  • Value the process of scientific discovery, research, and its contribution to the advancement of the healthcare sciences.
  • Demonstrate effective professional communication and presentation skills, both verbal and written.
  • Apply principles of group dynamics and collegiality to work effectively in teams.