MBS Program Student Outcomes

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Student on-time completion rate (1-year program)

Class of Matriculated year (AY) # of Students matriculated # of on-time graduates # of students remain in the program
2019 2018/19 36 33 (91.7%) 0 (0%)

Postgraduation career

Based on the Master of Biomedical Sciences 2019 graduating class consisting of 33 students the graph reflects their current status after 2.5 months post-graduation. Currently, 12/33 (~36.4%) of our MBS graduates have been accepted into an MD/Professional School. MBS graduates who have gained healthcare employment/scholarship include 7/33 (21.2%) of the class. Meanwhile, we have 14/33 (42.4%) of MBS graduates who are focusing on taking the MCAT again and/or working as a medical scribe, clinical researcher, or shadowing a physician, and then planning to apply to MD/DO schools. These results may change as our MBS graduates progress into their goals, time, and when data is updated.

Class of # of on-time graduates Accepted to MD/professional schools Employment/scholarship in healthcare sector In MCAT/MD application preparation Data as of
2019 33 12 (36.4%) 7 (21.2%) 14 (42.4%) August 2019

School Performance Fact Sheet

As required by California Education Code Section 94913(a), additional outcomes data are published in the School Performance Fact Sheet available on the CUSM Accreditation webpage.