The LEAAP Program

Our vision with the LEAAP program

In order for any university to have a campus-wide and integrated commitment to equity, inclusion, diversity, anti-oppression, and anti-racism we must all play an active role in our personal and professional learning. Nothing changes if we, as a community, don't seek to change ourselves.

What is the LEAAP program?

The LEAAP acronym stands for Learning and Engagement in Anti-racism & Anti-oppression Practice. The purpose of LEAAP is to support personal and professional learning in the areas of equity, diversity, inclusion, and more, emphasizing anti-oppressive thinking and anti-racist practice that supports our entire campus community.

How is the LEAAP program structured?

LEAAP is a required program for all CUSM faculty, staff, and students and consists of 12 total credits of professional learning in 6 identified program areas. These 6 program areas include the following:

  • Formal learning such as lectures and workshops
  • Attending cultural and arts events that provide social connections to issues of equity or diversity
  • Literary exploration such as the reading of research or books that support anti-oppressive practice
  • Independent research that is not linked to another work or course requirement
  • Planning and hosting a symposium on issues of anti-oppression practice
  • Online learning such as podcasts or webinars

Of the 12 credits, 6 credits must be completed through CUSM sponsored activities however, all credits can be completed through our university-sponsored programs. Thus, 6 credits can be fulfilled through community-based programs or events. To review the program in its entirety, please view our program document here

How do events get accredited for LEAAP?

We encourage our CUSM community to submit programs and events that fall within the structure and scope of the LEAAP Program. If you are aware of an event that should be eligible for LEAAP credit, please submit this form for our office to review. We will respond to accreditation of your program for LEAAP as soon as possible.

I’ve attended an event that is LEAAP accredited, what do I do now?

First, we are so glad you had the opportunity to attend an event focusing on anti-racism and anti-oppression and appreciate your active involvement in our program. Next, please complete this form so that we may review your event and ensure you receive credit towards your LEAAP program requirements. Our office will have quarterly updates for our CUSM community regarding the accrual of LEAAP credits and more.