Faculty Appointments

Faculty appointments are granted to individuals who are actively involved in the educational program of California University of Science and Medicine - School of Medicine. Recommendations for faculty appointments within the California University of Science and Medicine - School of Medicine (CUSM-SOM) are initiated by Department Chairs.

To apply for appointment to all ranks, an individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Show evidence of involvement in the educational program
  • Have an affiliation with California University of Science & Medicine
  • Possess an appropriate terminal degree relevant to the discipline under consideration

The school of medicine's faculty appointment process is managed through the California University of Science and Medicine Office of Faculty Affairs. Candidates interested in a faculty appointment should contact the appropriate Department Chair to initiate the appointment request. The applicant should prepare their CV in the accepted format (CV Template).

Types of Appointments

Clinical Faculty Track

  • Must maintain active affiliation with teaching hospital or clinical sites for CUSM-SOM medical students
  • Annual review by departmental chair
  • The decision to renew a faculty appointment is based on the needs of the medical school

Academic Faculty track

  • Available to CUSM-SOM employed faculty in the department of medical education
  • Must maintain active employment with California University of Science and Medicine
  • Recognizes an exceptional level of academic achievement at the rank of Associate Professor and Professor
  • Annual review by departmental chair
  • The decision to renew the faculty appointment is based on the performance and reviewed by the dean and chair of the department

Visiting Faculty Track:

Visiting appointments may be permitted for individuals whose ongoing employment responsibilities lie outside the School of Medicine at another institution of higher education. Candidates may be appointed as visiting professors, visiting associate professors, visiting assistant professors, or visiting instructors. Visiting appointments may be full-time and are typically for one year or less. Written requests to extend appointments beyond one year may be granted under unusual circumstances by the Dean of the medical school. Such requests must specify what contributions the visiting faculty member has made, why an extension is needed, and the provisions that are being made for allocation of space and for payment of any salary.

Adjunct Faculty Track

Adjunct faculty appointments are used to supplement teaching in a specific field; to facilitate research collaboration with individuals in other units of the School or University, with individuals at other educational or health care institutions, or with scientists employed by industry; or to permit faculty or trainees who are leaving the University to complete ongoing educational or research responsibilities. Generally adjunct faculty members are not compensated. Adjuncts may be elected to or appointed to CUSM standing or ad-hoc committees. Adjunct faculty members are not eligible to serve on the CUSM Senate. Adjunct appointments are granted for a period of three years and are renewable.

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Contact Us for Further Information

For further information regarding the appointment process, please contact Office of Faculty Affairs at 909-954-0494 or email us at FacultyAffairsOffice@cusm.org