Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Program at CUSM is designed to provide:

The development, instruction and nurturing of teachers who are skilled in providing student-centered, clinical-presentation-based medical school curriculum developed by the CUSM-SOM faculty, especially in the areas of small group teaching, flipped class-room, team-based learning, active learning and interactive teaching techniques

Explore innovative methods of teaching and learning that can be developed and tested at CUSM-SOM and worthy of dissemination

Develop, promote and support a plan to encourage all faculty to engage in scholarly activities to increase the productivity of posters and oral presentations and peer reviewed publications at CUSM-SOM

Implementation of individualized professional development plans that include specific targets, measurable outcomes and periodic evaluation

To develop and coach faculty to become academic leaders who can build, lead and support effective teams

Develop and support a faculty mentoring program with goals, strategies, and structure as part of faculty activities with measurable outcomes that will demonstrate the success of a mentoring program

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