Academic Faculty Educational Series

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The faculty development plan at the California University of Science and Medicine – School of Medicine (CUSM-SOM) is focused on addressing specific needs of the faculty in order to significantly increase their proficiency in supporting students, collaborating with peers, engaging in scholarly activities, navigating the administrative structure, and becoming academic leaders.

The focus of the ongoing curriculum is to:

  • Provide skills for successful teaching, learning, and academic leadership related to the student-centered, clinical-presentation-based medical school curriculum developed by the CUSM-SOM faculty.
  • Provide basic skills such as research ideas, research study designs, statistics, institution review board processes, and manuscript development that can promote participation in scholarly activities
  • Explore innovative methods of teaching and learning that can be developed and tested at CUSM-SOM and would be worthy of dissemination
  • Educational series are usually one-hour program with the majority given by external experts and some by CUSM faculty and are scheduled usually at a twice monthly intervals
  • Focused themed workshops or retreats that may last from a half day session to multiple sessions are also planned at the minimum 2-4 times yearly

The ongoing curriculum is delivered in a two-year cycle divided in five modules of:

  • Medical education
  • Research/scholarship
  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Diversity, inclusion and equity