Getting Started

CUSM understands that the financial aid process is complicated, so we have created the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) to help guide you through the experience. OFA is your primary resource for information about how to manage your finances while a student at CUSM. Their staff helps parents and students understand the costs associated with a CUSM education and find the means to meet those expenses.


The Office of Financial Aid provides comprehensive financial counseling for both new and existing students. Students who do not have the financial resources to meet the full cost of their education will receive early information on possible sources of financial aid. The office will be responsible for the processing and disbursing all loans and scholarships to all CUSM students.

The Office of Financial Aid will provide annual one–on–one financial counseling for each student to assist in preparing (1) a Financial Aid Needs Assessment and (2) a Cost of Attendance Budget, which will summarize the total educational expenses for each academic year.

Budgeting and Planning

The financial aid policies of CUSM are designed to help students understand the complexities of financing their education. The focus is to ensure that all University students:

  • Learn the basics of financial literacy to help build a strong financial future
  • Are aware of the loan, grant, and scholarship options available
  • Use strategies to minimize student debt by effectively budgeting for tuition, fees, and living expenses
  • Fully understand the responsibilities that accompany financial aid

The Office of Financial Aid provides students with the most up–to–date information regarding:

  • Available loans, grants, and scholarships
  • How to calculate the determination of need for financial aid
  • Eligibility requirements for loans, grants, and scholarships
  • How financial aid is disbursed and how bills are paid
  • Loan repayment programs