Sources of Financial Aid

Candidates selected for admission or who are placed on the waitlist will be contacted by the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) and will be informed about all suitable awards, grants, and scholarships.

3rd Party Providers

Although CUSM offers limited scholarship opportunities, most forms of financial aid are provided by 3rd parties. The OFA will determine each interested student's eligibility for institutional, and outside scholarships and grants. They also help manage the application process for private loan funds and federal financial aid programs at such time the University becomes eligible for them.

The OFA provides general advice on financial aid resources, questions about the aid awarded, and assistance with understanding the impact of indebtedness. The office will act as the clearinghouse for all tuition charges, fees, credits and debits placed on the student's account.

CUSM Scholarships

CUSM offers need-based scholarships to recognize and support students with financial need, exemplary academics, service, and community accomplishments. For more information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Personal Loans

Private educational loans are available from commercial lenders at competitive rates. Your current bank or credit union may serve as a good source for student loans.