Office of Research

The Mission of CUSM Office of Research

The mission of the office of research is to advance the concepts of biomedical sciences, clinical research, and education through inquiry and discovery and to develop the art of applying these concepts to enhance the state of health and reduce the condition of illness.

The office of research encourages collaboration and sharing experiences among faculty and students as well as at the interinstitutional level in particularly, the collaboration with Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC). ARMC provides an excellent support for the academic medicine at CUSM by allow the bridging of basic and clinical sciences. The responsibilities of the faculty at CUSM include engagement in scholarly activity as well as teaching. This combination is key for fostering critical thinking, problem solving, and lifelong learning skills among the faculty and students.

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We’re proud to announce the CUSM 3rd Annual Research Symposium

Research, Innovation, Challenges, and Opportunities During a Pandemic
That was held on Tuesday, March 30th, 2021
To view the Symposium click here

The Responsibilities of CUSM Office of Research Include:

  1. Providing leadership, strategic planning, and identifying the necessary administrative and financial resources for advancing the research program at CUSM.
  2. Serving as a catalyst to foster institutional and interinstitutional collaborations.
  3. Advancing innovative translational biomedical science concepts and their applicability to science, health care, and education.
  4. Establishing the support system and policies for protecting human subjects and humane use of animals in research.

Current Resources Available to CUSM Research Faculty and Students include:

  1. Infrastructure:

    1. Research facility; including basic instruments and computers usually found in modern biomedical research laboratories
    2. Support system for grant writing and management
    3. Internal grants support
    4. Cost of publication
    5. Funding for small and large equipment on a need base
    6. Laboratory manager

  2. Compliance

    The Office of Research is dedicated to maintaining the high ethical standards of research and education at CUSM. Research activities conducted by faculty, staff, and students at CUSM must be conducted in an ethical and responsible manner following applicable federal, state, or local regulations, sponsor requirements, and University policies and procedures. The Office of Research oversees research related policy development and implementation through key committees:

    1. Research Committee
    2. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
    3. Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)
    4. Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    CUSM faculty, staff, and students, please visit the Research Compliance sharePoint page for more information:

  3. Sponsored Programs

    The Office of Research assists faculty, students and staff in obtaining external funding and support. The Office of Research effectively manages the funding process for institutional compliance of federal, state and other funding agency requirements. The Office of Research is responsible for all pre- and post- award activities regarding grants awarded to CUSM.

    CUSM faculty, staff, and students, please visit the Research Compliance sharePoint page for more information:

  4. Student Research Opportunities

    The academic strength of CUSM and ARMC is the commitment of the leadership, faculty, and students to advance the translational research through the integration of basic biomedical and clinical sciences, while engaging global, educational, and community health sciences for promoting health and curing illness.

    The traditional approach to research as a standalone and isolated component of the higher education institution is not effective anymore. The inquiry and discovery processes at CUSM and ARMC are based on research integration of basic biomedical, clinical, and global sciences. This approach serves our mission to “advance the concepts of biomedical, clinical, and global health sciences through scholarly activity and develop the art of applying these concepts to enhance the state of health and reduce the condition of illness for the individual, the family, and the community”.

    We offer research opportunities that emphasize collaboration among faculty and students at the interdisciplinary level:

    I. Extracurricular research opportunities (through the Office of Research):

    1. MD Scholar Program in basic science: MD Scholar Program in basic science is a great opportunity for the MD students to distinguish themselves academically to be competitive in the various residency programs.
      This is a research opportunity with financial support for laboratory consumables. The MD Scholar programs help the students in establishing their track record of publications and experience in specific research tracks. At the end of the program, the MD scholar student will demonstrate proficiency and autonomy in their research skills in the form of professional peer-reviewed publication/s, presentations, and/or grant writing. MD students who successfully complete this program would be recognized as “MD Scholars” on the Dean’s Letter and will graduate with honors. The program starts from the first year in medical school and is completed in the 4th year before graduation.
    2. Summer Student Research Program (SSRP): A 7-week summer research opportunity with stipend support will be available for MD1 students. The areas of research include:
      • Basic Science Research
      • Clinical Research
      • Educational Research
      • Global/ Community Research
    3. Summer Research Electives: In addition to the Summer Student Research Program students are also able to enroll in research electives through ARMC, through the Department of Medical Education at CUSM and through our community-based partners.
    4. Volunteering opportunities: Research opportunities are available on a voluntary basis to all students who are interested in maintaining their edge in recent research and scholarly activity trends. The list of available projects and contacts will be sent to students.

    II. Mandatory Research Course (through the Office of Medical Education)

    Academic Research Study (ARS) course (MD-5900&MD-6600): The ARS is a mandatory, 2 credit course that relies on the modern data-driven science to train and prepare the student for big data mining and analysis as well as the skills to navigate publicly available clinical datasets and enhance future clinical practice and care for the patient (similar course is also offered for the MBS program (MBS-5260).

    Contact CUSM Office of Research
    CUSM Research

  5. Curricular Student’s Research Support:

    • Support for the course “Academic research Study MD-6600” for the MD class.
    • Support for the course “Statistics and Epidemiology II – Research (MBS-5260)” for the MBS class.
    • Cost of poster printing and support for the research day.