Academic Accommodations

Academic Accommodations for Medical Students

Application for Academic Accommodation Services

The office of Academic Skills & Career Advising (ASCA) provides academic support services to students with temporary or permanent disabilities. Both prospective and current CUSM students are encouraged to contact our office early in their educational program.

Step 1: Email the Director of ASCA Sabrina Wilhelm, at or via phone (909) 490-5928 with request

Step 2: Submit Documentation to office of ASCA to be reviewed***

Step 3: Submit Letter of Acceptance of Academic Accommodations

Step 4: Complete Accommodated Exam Request Form

Step 5: Office of Assessment will be notified and will coordinate accommodations and informs faculty with a need to know

Step 6: Confirm accommodations date, time, and location

*If the accommodation is determined to result in a fundamental change to the curriculum or undue hardship on the University, the accommodation will not be offered.
**Students must meet all requirements of the School of Medicine’s Technical Standards with or without reasonable accommodations.