CARE Program

California University of Science and Medicine “CUSM” strives to impact the community with a mission to improve health disparities and the overall quality of health care in underserved communities. Underserved communities face significant challenges accessing health care services, and we want your help mentoring our future physicians on solutions addressing these challenges.

CARE Description

CARE is CUSM’S mission-based value program advancing the art and science of medicinal education, research, and compassionate health care delivery in an inclusive environment. CARE is a longitudinal clinical learning experience threaded throughout CUSM’s curriculum that advocates critical thinking, creativity, integrity, and professionalism.

CARE is a longitudinal clinical learning experience threaded throughout CUSM students within the first 18 months of pre-clerkship education. CARE is designed to provide early exposure within community-based primary care. The overall goal of the program is for pre-clinical students to participate and be effective in essential concepts of continuity of care, engaging with the community in research, and applied clinical skills. Students are exposed to outpatient clinics in which clinical patient care is practiced. Students should develop sensitivity to social, familial, ethical, legal, cultural, and economic issues encountered in an ambulatory setting.

Instructional Method

Students will participate in outpatient clinical patient care under the supervision of precepting faculty. The first segment will provide students with initial exposure to the clinical service and common patient conditions, as well as allow the students to gain progressive responsibility of patient care based on demonstrated competency. Through this program of patient encounters, students become familiar with the most prevalent diseases and conditions, and with the essentials of critical thinking that lead to the differential diagnosis and formulation of management plans.

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